About Us

A Eurobeat collaboration between Nick Festari & MandieNRG

Hybrid is the Mix team of Nick Festari, Eurobeat producer and writer for 30+ years, and MandieNRG – a long-time ‘Eurobeat activist’ and fan of the genre. They have come together to put some hybrid turbo energy into Eurobeat.

Where  –Hybrid Mix –  idea comes from

Let’s Make A Song About Eurobeat

Nick Festari and MandieNRG have come together to create a crazy song, celebrating the best music genre in the world – Eurobeat! LMASAE was a fan project, with concept and lyrics by Mandie, and production by Nick.

A special thanks to the amazing Super Euro Team singers – Ken Blast, Miriam K., Mega NRG Man!

Mandie NRG:LMASAE is a song concept outlined and written by Mandie (me!). This project has been in the works for a long time. It has gone through many changes, advances, and developments. After all the calls and webcam meetings with Nick Festari – we created a song we hope the Eurobeat fan community will love! As a Eurobeat fan for more than half my life, creating a song like this has been a dream come true… to everyone who helped make this dream a reality, and supported and contributed in this adventure, thank you so much – from my heart!

Nick Festari: “When I found Mandie’s concept and lyrics in my mailbox, I must admit, I was not so sure if producing or not the song. I saw that just a real challenge I never faced before… I mean… I always created songs starting from the melody and after writing lyrics, but here there were many little pieces of a puzzle to put together for developing the track following the concept that Mandie just had in her mind. I decided to accept; I wrote the melody on her lyrics and arranged the song. She and I had a lot of funny moments during our phone calls and video meetings and, despite this was a hard work with many changes of ideas and directions, well… we are very proud of the product we created. The whole song is a real journey I hope the Eurobeat fans will appreciate and love!