About Me

Who I am and what I do

My name is Roberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) and I’ve been in the music industry since 1986.
What do I do? Oh well, this is a real good question. If someone asked me this randomly in the street chatting or during an interview I could answer… “mmmh everything and nothing”.
I started to make music very young… 9 and at 16 I already wrote my first songs… and at the end of 16 my career began in a professional studio as a studio assistant… but please, don’t ask me about coffee… I never brought coffee to the artists who came to record at studio :). I was a boy who tended to learn pretty fast, so the studio owners put me to handle technical stuff very soon and then to record the song arrangements onto the tapes or (DAT)… oh yes, folk… despite I don’t even have a single white hair I’m pretty aged and full of experience ah ah… it was 1986 and everything around me at studio was incredibly fascinating!
I dealt with many genres over the years but one I worked on most is electronic and dance music, writing an almost complete catalogue of about 800 tracks in 30 years.
And always over the years, I became aware that I also really loved mixing and mastering a lot, so now whenever I find myself to craft sounds or give the final touch to a song for clients, I’m very happy because I can give my fingerprints to a track that will have my mark forever… and this is great!

My Music Life In A Few Words

35 years working in dance & electronic music genre writing, arranging and sometimes producing. Around 800 songs written mainly for Japanese market and also for some European and American countries.

A Little Parenthesis

From 2013 to 2015 I had a little American pop music oriented parenthesis and in 2016 I went back to my original genre to write and deal with the music for my fans again.

Over The Years 

  • The last 9 years spent to produce songs myself
  • Writing, arranging, mixing & mastering skills improved, always learning new techniques
  • Collaborations with several artists
  • Songs licensed by different labels